My cat Minky…

Introducing my fluff ball of a kitty cat ‘Minky‘. Here’s a bit of history on Minky: He’s a pure breed Blue Point Ragdoll breed. His birthday is the 19th Sept like me! He is 2 years old. He was my surrogate baby who got smothered with love… until William was born. He was then cast… Read More

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Ceviche Delights

We had some friends stay over the weekend who are travelling around Australia at the moment. Fabbyy who is from Ecuador showed me how to make Ceviche for dinner! Yum! Hubby and I have both had Ceviche once before, over 10 years ago and the flavour and freshness was still etched in our minds. So… Read More

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Kitchen Blind

Image via here I’ve been thinking of making a roman blind for our kitchen window. I’ve never made a blind before but I’d like to try. We have no curtains or blinds or anything on the window at the moment and never have… because when we moved in we immediately took down the old fashioned… Read More

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Stunning inspiration

Have you checked out Lonny Magazine by Michelle Adams and Patrick Cline?It is full of stunning inspiration, beautiful photography and so many decorating ideas! Anyway I stumbled across this website this morning and thought I recognised a few of the pics… and it was from an artical in Dec issue of Lonny. Vanessa De… Read More