In the Kitchen

From Costal Livingfrom Elle Decor From House Beautiful These are some beautiful kitchen images I’ve had saved in my ‘Kitchen Inspiration Folder’ on my computer which I thought I’d share today. I have been trying to stay motivated with my cooking lately but I’ve been finding it quite hard. You see our kitchen is enclosed… Read More

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Vertical Stripes

What do you think about vertical stripes? Here is an idea I’ve been toying with for our bedroom makeover – vertical stripes. I would love to wallpaper part of the bedroom but I’m really trying to keep the costs to a minimum so I was thinking that this could be a fun alternative. What do… Read More

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On sale at Target

This is what you do when you’re restless baby is sick of shopping, stick him in with the googly balls at Target! Isn’t he the CUTEST!!! (non-biased mum talking of course). I love how his cheeks look so chubby, his little toes are sticking up and his hair is all boofy from waking up from… Read More

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My night out

I had a lovely time last night, out with the Mothers Group girls. It was so relaxed, nice to be able to really chat, enjoy good food and lovely company. It felt like a stark contrast to our normal mothers group catch ups where we spend most of the time trying to fend our baby’s… Read More

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All I want is a room somewhere…

All I want is a room somewhere… well anywhere in Switzerland that is! This morning I woke up dreaming about my second favourite country in the world – SWITZERLAND! Ahhh… snow, mountains, lakes, Heidi houses, crisp clean air, cuckoo clocks – what’s not to love? I was remembering all the beautiful hotels I saw on… Read More

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I want my long hair back…

Images via bellaMUMMA Sniff, sniff, booo, hooo… I’m missing my long hair! Please bare with me here, as I’m having a dilemma… It’s just happened recently that I’ve started missing my longer locks. But the problem is exacerbated when I read the beautiful blog ‘bellaMUMMA‘ as it seems every gorgeous beauty shot features a model… Read More

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Jackie Kennedy decor

I was searching yesterday for blue bedroom images as inspiration for my bedroom makeover I told you about last week. And I stumbled upon this picture… A lot of things jumped out at me:The soft blue/grey, the chandelier, the Louis armchair, the frames above each bedside table, that really tall dresser mirror. And then I… Read More

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