FAQ: Framing prints

I get asked all the time about framing our prints so I thought I’d write a dedicated blog post about it!

2015-05-11 11.39.59

We have five different sizes of prints at My Sweet Prints. So I’ve drawn up a little diagram to show the sizes and list the dimensions.

We don’t offer the A4 size but I’ve included it for perspective.

Print Dimensions

I get most of my frames from Target in their homewares section. I find their quality is the best in that price range. I also look to Kmart and Ikea (for the Ribba sized prints).

2015-02-24 15.22.11

Here is a large frame I picked up from Target for $15 – amazing price!
I framed our A3 sized Black and White World Map in this frame for my little boy’s room (first picture in the post).


2015-02-24 15.23.50I find that the hanging hooks supplied aren’t great to hang from. But I put them either side of the frame and attach wire/tough string for hanging.

2015-02-24 15.24.34This frame comes with a double mat-board but the print needs that bit extra room so I took the inner mat-board off by sliding a butter knife between the two. They come away easily.

2015-02-24 15.27.11I simply attach the print with a bit of sticky tape on each corner.

2015-05-13 12.08.36And voila! Here it is all framed up!

2015-05-26 09.56.56Here’s another Target frame I snapped in store. It fits both our 8×10″ prints (within the mat-board) and our 11×14″ straight in the frame – amazing for $9!


2015-05-13 15.28.37But framing isn’t the only method of displaying your prints…
I love the versatility of tacking them up with a tiny bit of blu tac on each corner and held down by washi tape (just keep them out of reach of little inquisitive hands).

Also, why not try a clip board? You can chop and change to your heart’s content 😉

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions on framing.

Janette xx

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