Instagram tips for Small Business

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Running a small business can be tricky, navigating the endless decisions, tight budgets and constant stream of new competition. But luckily there are great (FREE) ways to get your business out there, like social media!

Here are some of my tips for using Instagram to boost your small business!
•    Take lots of top notch photos. Maybe set aside an hour each week and try and get at least 7 beautiful product photos which you can post throughout the week.
•    Use hashtags. Create a hashtag for your business. It could just be your business name or it could be #shareyour[insertbusinessname] so customers can tag their images of your products. Hashtags are a great way of opening up your images to more people as they work kind of like a google search in instagram.
•    Try and mix up your close up shots, lifestyle images, flatlay photos and funny memes in your feed. It breaks up the look of the content or ‘grid view’, so is easy on the eye and has something to attract everyone.
•    Sign up to and take a look at your Iconosquare stats. Analyse what are your most popular hashtags as well as the world’s most popular hashtags. Try to use at least 2 per post.
•    Break up your comment and hashtags with emoticons so it’s easier on the eye (and more fun!).
•    You can subscribe to a Schedugram account (around $20/mth) to schedule your IG posts if you want to take a ‘set and forget’ approach to posting.

•   Communicate with your followers, reply back to their comments, visit and follow their pages and get involved in your business community!
•    Tag other businesses when you use their products in your pics. Everyone loves reposting beautiful pics and they will appreciate the exposure from your followers to their account.
•    Think about getting brand reps or offering an incentive for customers to post photos showing your products in their home.

These are just a few of the tips you can find in my second ebook! Check it out or sign up for a free sample today.

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