Meet the Pet behind the Portrait: Cassie

Today we’re interviewing Cassie, one of the precious pups we’ve recently illustrated a portrait for.


Hi My Name is Cassie , I live in Western Sydney and I am a Mini Foxy X Pomeranian. I am 10 years young :)
Do you have any siblings? Yes , Her name is Molly – (I love to protect her, and play) – Molly is a Cavoodle.
My favourite past time would be …. getting FOOD!!!! ( I love food) . But also spending time with, Molly and my Mum and Daddy (I really am a Daddy’s girl)
Any funny stories to share? …  One of my funniest memories would have to be when , My mummy tried to but booties on me and I ran around kicking them off . (Mummy found it quite funny, Not so much myself)
What does Mum and Dad think of your portrait ?… Mum and Daddy just loved the portrait.
Photo and Print382
Do you have an instagram account? Yes I have one with my sister Molly it’s @mollyandcassie84
Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself Cassie – you’re a real sweetie!
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Signature March 2016
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