Meet the Pet behind the Portrait : Dodge

Meet the pet behind the portrait with our new interview segment!

This week we have interviewed Dodge the Dude the gorgeous happy pup we illustrated a few months ago!

Pet Portrait Australia of Dog Dodge the Dude

Hi! My name is Dodgem Clark, but everyone calls me Dodge. I live in my backyard or when mum and dad aren’t looking on her bed or couch, in a place the humans call Melbourne. I am a Husky cross – the Vet once told my mum I’m possibly cross with a German Shepard, but I’m never mad.
I don’t have any fur brothers and sisters but I do have my cousin Rhu, he is my best friend in the whole wide world. I think my favourite thing to do is when I go to my granny’s house and chase her chickens!!! Or just to eat food. Mmm I sure love left overs.
My mum and dad absolutely love my portrait – and I do think I look rather handsome!! My mum keeps saying she’s going to get some more for my human aunties of there fur babies too.
Dodge Pet Portrait Photo and Print
Thanks so much Dodge and Steph! xx
You can follow Dodgem Clark on instagram here: @dodgethedude
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Signature March 2016
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