Meet the Pet behind the Portrait : Pippa the Bunny

Meet the pet behind the portrait with our new interview segment!

Our first pet to be interviewed is the gorgeous Pippa of @Pippa_the_Bunny insta-fame.
She is one adorable bunny and below is our interview with her and her mum Kaz – enjoy!

Pippa Photo and Print
Please introduce yourself (name, age, hometown and breed): 
Pippa, 4 years old, Bondi Beach, French lop rabbit 🐰 

Any pet siblings? :
Two chocolate brown Tonkinese cats aged 13 years,  Coco & Moet (brothers) 🐱🐱
Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.40.13 AM

What is your favourite pastime? :
Loves eating, sleeping, being patted, snuggles with Mum & Dad and annoying the cats by chasing them. 

Any funny stories to share? : 
Pippa lives inside with the cats so is toilet trained. Some times when we come home she will be up on our bed or on the lounge all stretched out. When she was younger she use to chew everything! She would hop up on the coffee table & chew the buttons off the remove, chew the magazines, eat the flowers out of the vase. She has chewed through many electrical cords! (Lucky she is cute!) Recently chewed a hole in my dressing gown. 

What does your Mum/Dad think of your portrait? : 
 They love it ❤️ so much so they have it hanging up in their bedroom.
Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.40.56 AM
Instagram/Social Media Account:
Thanks so much Pippa and Kaz! xx
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