Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas

On the search for the perfect wedding gift?

One that wont be opened then put into the back of a cupboard and forgotten about?

We all want to give a beautiful, memorable gift; especially on a couples BIG day!

We’ve compiled our most popular designs which our customers love giving to their newlywed friends.

Customised Wedding Print
Customised Wedding Print

Customise this print with the vows, reading, poem, or bridal waltz lyrics from the couples wedding day. They flow through the background around the heart with their names, wedding date and location in the middle.

Beach Sea Personalised Wedding Print

Fish in the Sea Print

This customised print is perfect for the beach or fishing loving couple. With the quote ‘There are plenty of fish in the sea… but we belong together.’ and their names and wedding date. It’s a unique and sweet print which is sure to be a talking point in their home.

Customised Wedding Scroll Print

Customised Wedding Scroll

This black and white typographic style is classic, never dating and looks amazing on the wall surrounded by a collection of wedding and family photos.

All our prints are made in standard photo frame sizes so that it’s easy and inexpensive to frame.

We also ship world-wide so if you’ve been invited to a wedding overseas and can’t make it but want to send a little something special then we can gift wrap and add and hand written note.

So next time you’re stuck on a wedding gift why not think about a personalised print from My Sweet Prints!

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