Parenting: Using Reward Charts for kids

If you’ve got kids you know the frustration of trying to get them ready in the morning and ready for bed…

We’ve had amazing feedback over the years from the hundreds of customers who have one of our Bedtime Bus Roll Posters or Morning Bus Roll Posters in their home. It’s such a cute reminder of these daily routines.

I remember one mum tell me that she left the kids with the babysitter and her son took the babysitter to the Bedtime Bus Roll Poster hanging in the hallway and said ‘This is what we do’.


So to pair up with your poster we’ve made printable reward charts FREE with your purchase of our Bus Roll Posters. You can print them off as many times at you like and they work with the routine on your poster.

There is some great information on using Reward Charts at the Raising Children Website which you can read HERE.

The reward chart has a space on the side for you to write the reward for that week. You can also write the ‘rules’ of the reward chart. Eg. if they get at least 4 ticks per day they receive the reward. You can even start small getting them to achieve one tick per day and work up as each week goes on.

I love this quote from the Raising Children Website:

A reward for good behaviour isn’t the same as bribing your child. The difference is that a bribe is given before the behaviour you want, and a reward is given after. Rewards reinforce good behaviour, but bribes don’t. For example, one reward might be that you let your child choose what’s for dinner if she plays well with friends.

 mock-up-without-arrow2SHOP Bedtime Bus Roll Poster with BONUS reward chart

SHOP Morning Bus Roll Poster with BONUS reward chart

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