Small Business Spotlight: Lisa from Little Secrets Candle Co.

Tell us a bit about yourself (Location, Family, Hobbies/Interest)
My name is Lisa Unger, I’m 35 years old, and originally hail from a Canberra family of six (that’s two sisters and one brother). However, I’m now married with three children (10, 9, 6) and reside on the Sunshine Coast. I’m a massive animal lover and I like to support local refuges. Using my other business, For Pet’s Sake! I like to help out where I can. I also love art, most sports,  the outdoors, and the beach.

Tell us about your Brand/Product
My candle business was first established by my brother-in-law, Steve. At the beginning, I took over the social media side while he managed production and distribution. However, because I loved the products so much and wanted to reach out to more people (so that they too could see how amazing the products are) I accepted the offer to take over production and distribution too. I’m now managing the entire business since the start of the year.

What is the most exciting thing about having your own business?
It’s exciting to have been involved in building up the business into where it is today. I enjoy the fact that the business is growing and that I get to use my love of art in marketing the products. My endless hours have paid off!

What are the Challenges you have or do you face?
The biggest challenges I have are in raising a family and being able to manage my businesses at the same time. What’s more, since one of my children has higher-function Autism, trying to balance my time can become quite tricky.

What is your favorite fragrance in your beautiful range?
That would have to be Chanel no.5

Can you give us a tip to help inspire other women to follow their dreams ?
Having started another business in pet care previously, I know that building a business is hard work and takes time. Still, if you don’t give up and keep going it will pay off in the end. Also, I have found that money is a big thing to have behind you. You’ll need money to get a product out and you’ll need money to build your business; so be willing to work long hours and make some sacrifices. Also, don’t be too down on yourself if you feel like giving up. Just remember to have goals in place and stick to your plans of achieving them.

Another thing that has helped is having business contacts that you can support and that can support you. Having people around you that want you to succeed is a great benefit in actually being successful. A support network like this helps most when you experience setbacks since they can renew your enthusiasm to keep persisting in doing a better job and always improving. Additionally, never forget to research your market and the competition. Seek out advice, and don’t forget to listen to your customers!

You can check out Little Secrets Candle Co
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