Stockist in the Spotlight: Tiffany of Hart:LDN

Hart LDN Main Image
Tell us a bit about yourself
I am British and have been living in Australia for over 8 years. Before setting up the business I was a money broker for a large international company for close to 15 years but always dreamed of following my passion for interiors.


Why did you start Hart:LDN?

I was made redundant from money broking 2 years ago much to my delight and decided that that was a good a time as any to finally have the job I truly desired. I believe that Australian home decor design could actually be a real leader across the globe as we have so much talent here so I just knew I had to find a way to get it out to the rest of the world and so HART : LDN Home Decor was born! We can now ship 70% of our products worldwide I’m proud to say. People in Australia are really passionate about their surroundings and this show in their homes.

What is the most exciting thing about running your business?
The most exiting thing is being challenged on a daily basis and really wanting to find a solution to everything that comes my way. I didn’t feel that way in my last career so I know I’ve found my true calling now and I’m loving every single second!

Which social media platform do you prefer and why?
I adore Instagram as its so far reaching, so visual and so inspirational. People from all over the globe can easily find us. Plus its so easy to interact with people in real time – I love it!

A tip you can give to other women wanting to start their own business
I think the main thing you need to learn first is that you’re going to feel quite daunted and uncomfortable on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis so the sooner you learn how to handle those feelings the better. Then you’ll just enjoy the process and achieve so much more! Take advice from others who have been there done that before you, that’s my most valuable source of information and help. You’ll be amazed how willing people are to give you a hand if you just ask. 
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