The More You Read – Kid’s Reading Corners

  At My Sweet Prints we believe in the importance of encouraging your child to read and love books, even from a very early age. It develops their imagination and language skills which sets them on a good path for life. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that… Read More

Unexpected Kid’s Bed Linen

The sheets, blankets, pillows and cushions you choose for your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to be garish, branded and predictable! We love the idea of using pattern and unexpected design elements on kids’ beds to help give their room sophistication, a sense of design and a sense of fun! There are so many great options… Read More

Aussie Made Geometric Cushions

[The Print Society] Cushions are perhaps, one of the most versatile elements in the home when it comes to decorating. They are small, but powerful tools that help you bring colour and pattern into a space while reinforcing the overall look and feel you have planned for that room. They are relatively inexpensive too, which… Read More