Little Love

I’m trying to raise a little romantic…. So when Will and I saw these cute cookies at Coles this morning we bought three of them.   One for Will, one for his BFF girlfriend Sylvie and one for his other girlfriend LouLou. The three of them do private swimming lessons together on a Monday afternoon… Read More

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Fun with my little monkey & photobooth

My little monkey and I have been having fun with the photobooth app on my laptop.  I love watching his expressions as he pulls funny faces for the screen.  I thought I’d share them with you…. isn’t he growing up? I love looking back on my blog and watching my baby grown up.  Eg. Check… Read More

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European Inspired Boy’s Room for Will

Good morning!Now that baby B is well and truly on the way we’re starting to think about turning the study into Will’s new big boy bedroom which we plan to do over Christmas. So I’ve created a little moodboard to show you. I’m going to buy a white timber single bed and I’ve already bought… Read More

My little sports star

Will had his first toddler sports lesson today and he did so well! The teacher said he was outstanding and very enthusiastic. They learn basic skills in Tennis, AFL, Soccor and lots of general ball sport stuff. Parents have to watch from a distance but I could see him listening and being so excited in… Read More

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Nail polish fun…. not!

How gorgeous is this image??? I love colour coordinated nails and I’ve been meaning to buy some new colours for spring/summer. I tell you what is not so georgeous???Discovering your son has gotten into your hot pink nail polish and finding it on the bedding, carpet, dresser, his hands etc…. When I came in and… Read More

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Hair cut time

Thank the Lord for patient hairdressers! My Mum, the hairdresser and I were in fits of laughter watching my little Will get his hair cut.  He wriggled, said Hi to the people in the salon, played with the combs, spray bottle, showed the hair dresser his dance moves, singing voice with renditions of ‘Old MacDonald’… Read More

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Big boys toys

This week Will has been in heaven. There have been lots of big boys toys in our street.   Our street was resurfaced so there were steam rollers, tip up trucks and little diggers. They even gave a few little ‘hoot hoots’ to Will as they went past – made his day!   And earlier… Read More

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