TOP 5 Items – New Baby Checklist

GUEST POST: TOP 5 New Baby Checklist

The thought of coming home with a new baby can be overwhelming. Exactly what do you need and what is a bit of an unnecessary extra? Here is a Breast Dressed Mumma‘s guide to the TOP 5 on the New Baby Checklist:

5. Wheels: For your own sanity, invest in an awesome pram. Hopefully you will be able to get out at least to walk around the block. Aim to get out twice per week in the early days, you may think that sounds easy, but there’s a lot more to it once that extra tiny little person arrives. My pram is my life saver, and I find it a lot easier to get out when the car isn’t involved… think car seat, pack car, drive, park, assemble pram, walk, disassemble pram, re-pack car, back in car seat.

4. A breast pump: While not everyone has this on their essentials list, it is high up the priority list on mine. Having a pump there just in case is a lot better than the emergency run when it is absolutely needed. My Medula Swing has been my go-to for regular pumping with the pure intent of milk gathering and increasing supply. However this nifty new little device the Haakaa pump has made pumping on the go, relief pumping and regular-throughout-the-day-milk-catching pumping soooooo much easier.


3. Breastfeeding essentials bag: This is a lifesaver and an absolute need, lets break it down.
Hydrogel discs – these babies are awesome on tender and cracked nipples, let cool in the fridge for extra relief.
Breast pads – if you are lucky enough to leak milk, these will save your clothes from staining and keep you dry when out and about. Avoid that double wet patch look.
Nipple cream – soothing and pain relief, nipple cream is a must have
Water bottle – Keep hydrated, the recommendation is to drink 3L of water per day whilst breastfeeding.
Head over to for custom created Essentials Boxes, with a few little surprises for Mum and Bub in each box.

2. Nursing clothes: Believe me when I tell you, feeding, no matter the method, is not easy! I recommend stocking up on nursing clothes, something comfortable with easy boob access is the ultimate goal here. Preferably not a lift up, pull down two t-shirt jobby, especially coming into summer. Lightweight and nursing drop down clips are great. ROSI for Mum stocks a range of essential and fancy nursing wear. Snug Jugs are a beautiful treat for your boobies. Supportive, comfy and stylish to boot.


1. My number one tip that every new parent absolutely 100% and undoubtedly needs, is a network. This is the ultimate change to your life, a time when you will never question yourself more and be more confused with the answers all at the same time. This little baby doesn’t come with an instruction manual… Oh wouldn’t that be joyous! There will be lots of well meaning advice from all angles, and sometimes you just want to confer with your crew. My biggest advice is find a group of like minded people early, preferably before you are pregnant, but any time will do. There will always be someone awake to help handle your middle of the night feeding questions, or someone to call when the baby won’t sleep during the day. Gather your troops and assemble them ready to be called upon. A selection of online buddies you’ve never met, real life friends and family are a good mix I have found. Whomever you pick, realise that their advice is based on their life experience, it is not wrong, but it may not be right for you either. At the end of the day your network is about support and acceptance, anything else is amazing.

What was your number one MUST HAVE after the birth of your bubba?

Guest Post by Jessica McCarroll of First in Breast Dressed



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