Will’s Pokemon Party

On the weekend we celebrated our big boy’s 8th birthday.
He is OBSESSED with Pokemon at the moment so when I asked him what sort of party he wanted there was no hesitation.

I designed the invite as a Large sized Pokemon Card with a magnet stuck to the back so the kids could stick it on the fridge. Apparently it was a big hit in the playground when the kids saw it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.40.35 PM

I decided to go with a yellow and red colour theme as Will loves Pikachu the little yellow Pokemon character. And Pokeballs (don’t ask me what they acutally are) are red and white.

I got some great ideas on Pinterest with my favourite being the Pokeball biscuits. They are Oreo biscuits dipped into white chocolate with red or yellow sprinkles for one side and the recipe I used said white sprinkles but I used desiccated coconut instead (little bit healthier) with a white M&M in the centre.

Here’s how they turned out, the kids loved them!
IMG_7772Here is the recipe I based them on.

IMG_7783I used a circular serving dish to display bananas, strawberries and blueberries into a Pokeball shape.
Also I bought red velvet cupcakes and made my own cupcake toppers with Pokemon characters on the top.
I bought little wine tasting clear cups and set red jelly into them.
And I also served some healthier carrots, celery and hummus and some not so healthy white choc dipped strawberries (also giving that red and white Pokeball look).

IMG_7825We had THE BEST party entertainers. Jess and Nathan came dressed as Pikachu and Ash the Pokemon Trainer and helped out with all the games keeping the kids entertained and the party running smoothly.

IMG_7798We couldn’t have done it without them!
If you’re in Sydney and would like to have them at your party just email me for their details.

We were so lucky with the weather as we were able to hold the party outside.

The first game we ran was Pokemon Balloon Pop.
I bought lots of little Pokemon figurines online and put them into balloons.

144PCS-Lot-2-3CM-font-b-Pokemon-b-font-Go-font-b-Toys-b-font-MixWe blew them up the morning of the party and the game was for the kids to pop them and they got to keep any figurine they found in their popped balloons. They loved it!

Then we did good old Pass the Parcel with a pack of pokemon cards as the final layer prize.

Then we did Pikachu plaster painting. We bought the plasters from a local company and they gave us paints and I bought some cheap brushes from Kmart.
I used white garbage bags, cut holes in the top and side to use as throw away paint smocks and cheap plastic containers as water containers for the brushes and the lids as the paint palettes.


The kids were quiet and concentrating on their painting for about 20mins which gave me time to get food ready etc.


We let the paint dry in the sun then sprayed them with an acrylic gloss.
The party gift bags were used to take them home!


We served Pizza, party pies and sausage rolls for lunch which were a hit. And kids kept helping themselves to the snacks on the party table.


After lunch we had one more game which was one I bought from Party Savers store.
(I also got the hang down Pokemon decorations you can see behind the party table above from Party Savers.)
It was a pin the tail style game and the winner received a pack of Pokemon cards – competition was fierce!

Then we did the cutting of the cake.
IMG_7804This is the Pikachu cake Will chose.
I wouldn’t suggest doing this cake unless you’re super professional… there’s no where to hide the imperfections so I wasn’t that happy with it but I guess that’s not the point, Will and the kids loved it which is the main thing :)

IMG_7806(Watch the knife Will!!!) hahaha!

We all had a great time and everything went smoothly.
Comment below if you have any questions about the party or suppliers etc.

Janette xx

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